Have Tables Will Travel with Roger D. Werstler LMT
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DeepTissue Massage $50 per hour

Deep tissue massage is often confused with deep pressure massage. THey are definitely NOT the same thing. While deep pressure means a constant, strong pressure throughout the session, deep tissue massage will start off light to relax the surface muscles so that eventually the massage therapist can get to the muscles underneath (hence deep tissue) without applying too much pressure. Too much pressure may be painful, while deep tissue treatments are more like a passive workout. You may be sore for a day or two afterwards, but no more than you would be after a true workout at the gym. This will get into the muscles to get all of the kinks out. My intention is to bring about a healing process, but to make your whole experience a pleasant one.

Myofascial Release
  $50 per hour

To better understand this treatment, it is key to understand that fascia is the focal point. Fascia houses the muscles and keeps them aligned. If your body experiences trauma, the fascia may become "glued" to the muscle or traumatic area. Muscles may not move properly, organs may be shifted, blood vessels may be restricted, and bone and muscle connections may be obstructed. Myofascial release therapy targets the places where the fascia is blocked and guides the muscles into their proper place.


Rates are as follows:
1/2 hour $30
1 hour $50
90 minutes $70
2 hours $90

Raindrop Therapy $60
Sa-WanThai Herbal Ball Therapy $60
Hot Stone Therapy $60
Maternity Massage $60

As a regular customer to our specialty treatments, you can earn free treatments with our loyalty card. Ask for it when you purchase any of the specialty treatments listed above!

Specialty Packages

Of course we offer specialty packages. The sky is the limit. If you can dream it, I can accommodate. I am available for In-home massages, office-chair massages, massage parties, couples massages, bridal and bachelorette parties, scrap-booking parties. The only limit is your imagination. Create an event, contact me about and let's see what happens.
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